Mobile ICRIS


由於公眾人士未能前往金鐘道政府合署,本處於該政府合署的辦事處所提供的公眾服務亦因此暫停,而辦事處亦於 6月21日已關閉。



  • 透過本處「註冊易」網站 ( 或「CR交表易」流動應用程式以電子形式交付成立公司的申請。
  • 透過「註冊易」以電子形式交付指明表格及相關文件。
  • 透過「CR交表易」流動應用程式以電子形式交付較常用的指明表格(例如:周年申報表)。


  • 以郵遞方式交付文件及所須的正確費用(如適用的話),地址為金鐘道政府合署14樓,支票抬頭人請註明「公司註冊處」。


  • 登入公司註冊處的網上查冊中心(進行查冊,或透過智能手機或流動裝置登入,使用公司查冊流動版選擇所需的查冊服務。



Closure of Office Premises and Suspension of Services at Queensway Government Offices

As physical access to the Queensway Government Offices is not possible, the provision of the Companies Registry’s public services at its office premises in the QGO has been suspended and the office premises has been closed with effect from 21 June 2019.

Notwithstanding the closure of office, the Registry will continue to provide its major services electronically. You can continue to access our major services by the following means:-

Delivery of documents for registration under the Companies Ordinance

  • Deliver incorporation applications electronically by using our electronic incorporation service at e-Registry ( or “CR eFiling” mobile application.
  • Deliver specified forms and related documents required for registration electronically at “e-Registry”.
  • Deliver the commonly used specified forms (e.g. annual returns) electronically at “CR eFiling” mobile application.

Delivery of other documents

  • Deliver documents by post to the Companies Registry at 14th Floor, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong, with the correct fees, where applicable, with cheques made payable to "Companies Registry".

Search on company information

  • Conduct online company searches at the Companies Registry's Cyber Search Centre ( or via the Company Search Mobile Service ( using your smartphones or mobile devices.

For enquiries, please call 1823. Thank you for your co-operation.